Monday, January 11, 2016

Let’s Play Washers! The Perfect Home or Beach Game!!

Washer tournaments are becoming more popular at festivals across the state! In fact, the January 15-16 YAGA’s Annual Chili Quest & Beer Fest in Galveston features not only over 100 craft beers, but also a Washer Tournament – washers and beer go together!! So let’s learn how to play! To set up your own washer course at home or at the beach, paint four washers (2 3/8 inch in diameter) one color; paint four more another color. Remove the contents, paper and ends from two 10 ounce Rotel tomato cans. Clean the cans. Pace off 20-21 feet and poke a screwdriver to mark each end of the washer course. Clean a two foot area round the screwdrivers and gently slop the space down to the center. Bury the cup with the lip at ground level. When standing at each cup you should be able to see the opposite cup. Play with two teams of one, or two teams of two. When playing with four people, place the two best players from each team at the same cup, and their partners at the opposite cup. Fight over which team throws first. Thereafter, the winning thrower’s team throws first. There is a special throwing technique but I can’t explain it in writing. See South Padre Island beach images below.

Beginning Throw - R Arm Will Go Back From Here

Follow Through - Open Fingers and Let Washer Go

For scoring purposes, I will assume the washers are red and green. You will need a measuring device that is accurate to the millimeter! The eight washers are thrown. A red washer is closest to the cup or in the cup. Score only those red washers that are closer to the cup than the closest of the green washers. Score 3 points for each washer in the cup. Score 2 points for lippers (washers touching the edge of the cup). Score one point for each of the other qualifying red washers. If a red washer is in the cup and a green washer lands on top of it, green wins and receives 3 points for the green washer AND 3 points for the red washer. 

Scoring is Serious Business!

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